1/ Alpha beta gaga    AIR
2/ Heartbeats    THE KNIFE
3/ Decide    ZIGMAT
4/ Also frightened    ANIMAL COLLECTIVE
5/ Coming in from the cold    THE DELGADOS
6/ A man from Argentina    BILLIE AND THE VISIONS
7/ West coast    COCONUT RECORDS
8/ The wolves (act I and II)    BON IVER
9/ Que tu le veuilles ou non    ARTHUR DUPONT    
10/ Brother   THE ORGAN
11/ Every day   VETIVER
12/ Second skin    THE CHAMALEONS
13/ Amigos de mirar    JULIO DE LA ROSA
14/ Animals and the water    VICTORY AND THE SEA
15/ Evil    INTERPOL
16/ I put a spell on you    NINA SIMONE
17/ I was once a loyal lover    DEATH CAB FOR CUTIE
18/ Tus amigos    LOS PUNSETES
19/ No sé cómo te atreves    LOS PLANETAS
20/ Iron house    NAOMI GREENE
21/ Lo que mejor se me da    PAULINE EN LA PLAYA
22/ Looking for the sun    NIÑO Y PISTOLA
23/ She's not there    THE ZOMBIES
24/ Sigur 1(untitled)   SIGUR ROS
25/ Unchained melody    ROY ORBISON

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